Delaware Writers Studio is always looking for experienced working writers to offer workshops which will help other working writers improve their craft. While the main focus is craft, there are also occasional events related to the “business” side of writing, such as submitting work, publishing, and self-publishing.

If you’re not familiar with the kinds of workshops we do or the kinds of backgrounds our presenters have, take a look at our Previous Events page. That will also give you an idea of whether we’ve already run a workshop very similar to the one you’re proposing.

We are currently able to pay presenters a small amount.



Catchy titles are good if you already have one. But this can be changed later.
The clearest idea you have at the moment of what the workshop would be.
Just a short description of your qualifications for teaching this workshop. This is not meant as a resume or cv or even an extensive writeup. Writers have experience in different areas for a lot of different reasons.
Where and how we can read some of your work. The committee likes to be familiar with a writer's work before asking her or him to present.
We're investigating moving to an online environment--probably Zoom--until we can safely meet at the library again. If we do that, would you be comfortable teaching this workshop in an online environment?