New authors know their tales are good. The question is, how long can you make the reader wait before showing them the proof? Will Hahn looks at some great first lines in famous novels, and demonstrates what choices you have, the many things you can accomplish right in the first sentence of your tale. There will be free writes to practice the concepts presented, and time for exchange of ideas and draft first sentences, as well as Q&A.

About the Writer

Will Hahn

Will Hahn

Will Hahn is the Chronicler of the Lands of Hope tales, an epic fantasy world setting bursting with a lifetime of adventure. Will has been in love with heroic tales since age four, when his father read him the Lays of Ancient Rome and the Tales of King Arthur. He taught Ancient-Medieval History for years, but the line between this world and others has always been thin; the far reaches of fantasy, like the distant past, still bring him face to face with people like us, who have choices to make.

Will didn’t always make the right choices when he was young. Any stick or vaguely-stick-like object became a sword in his hands, to the great dismay of his five sisters. Everyone survived, in part by virtue of a rule forbidding him from handling umbrellas, ski poles, curtain rods and more.

Will lives and works from a modest castle in Newark DE with his lovely wife, miracle daughter and more cats than you might readily believe. His routine varies between delivering telecoms analysis, shuttling a future star to flute and voice recitals, grumbling about garden chores, dressing as an alcoholic wizard to host a birthday party, finding some chair other than his own for various cats to nap, and occasionally peeking into a world where heroes still fight against monstrous evil and impossible odds.

Will Hahn

Will Hahn

With twenty years’ experience as a teacher, actor/director, lecturer, audio-book narrator and all-around extrovert, Will enjoys the performance of presentation with all his being. Do NOT expect him to remain calm when talking about his beloved chronicling vocation. You can find the Tales of Hope, including Judgement’s TaleThe Plane of Dreams and the new series Shards of Light in paperback, e-book and now audio-book formats online at Amazon and other major retailers. Visit his website ( for more authorly advice and reflections.  






Kirkwood Library
6000 Kirkwood Highway
Wilmington. Delaware

Due to library restrictions, attendees must be 18 or older, or accompanied by an adult.


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