Strategies for Self-Editing: Your first draft is complete. What now? This workshop will give practical tips on revising, polishing, and proofing at two levels: macro (big picture) and micro (small details).  Macro will address story structure, plotting, characterization, and setting. Micro will examine your writing as paragraphs, sentences, and words. Bring a story or chapter in progress for practice.

About the Writer

Ramona DeFelice Long

Ramona DeFelice Long


Ramona DeFelice Long is an author, editor, and writing instructor. As an author, her short fiction, memoir, and creative nonfiction work have appeared in numerous regional and literary publications, and she’s worked over hundreds of manuscripts as a professional developmental editor. She’s received multiple grants and fellowships, and in 2016 was awarded the Masters Fellowship in Fiction from the Delaware Division of the Arts.   






Kirkwood Library
6000 Kirkwood Highway
Wilmington. Delaware

Due to library restrictions, attendees must be 18 or older, or accompanied by an adult.


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