Once a reader finds a writer they enjoy and can count on for a “good read,” they tend to read that writer “in depth,” meaning they read everything else he or she has written. Writing a series builds loyalty among readers and sends them back hungry for additional stories featuring the same characters. That increases sales and keeps writers writing, so …

If you are writing a novel, or thinking about writing one, and you think it has the potential to be a series, this workshop is for you. Learn how to craft characters, continuing relationships, and settings that resonate with readers. Whether your book is a mystery/thriller, fantasy, historical, romance or any other genre, it’s important to plan a sustainable world of interesting characters, settings and opportunities for conflict that work for not just one, but potentially a dozen books … or more!

Build your own “Series Mind Map” and participate in free-writes.


About the Writer

Barbara Norton

Barbara Norton

Barbara Norton is author of the JILLIAN RAIN MYSTERY/THRILLER SERIES and of a standalone historical thriller titled THE JEWELS. Now retired from her career as an advertising creative manager, editor, and copywriter, you can hear her read from her books and short fiction at the Newark Arts Alliance Open Mic on the first Tuesday of each month.






Kirkwood Library
6000 Kirkwood Highway
Wilmington. Delaware

Due to library restrictions, attendees must be 18 or older, or accompanied by an adult.


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Written by Tery Griffin