How do sound and meaning converge? And what does it mean for your writing? This workshop will look at the sense our body makes of sound and how that translates into emotion and tone. That knowledge can help you identify why something “sounds” right or wrong and help you choose words that match intent and narrative flow. We will look at examples in poetry and fiction and try a few exercises ourselves to see what happens when our words become a sounding board for sense.

About the Writer

Jane Miller

Jane Miller

Jane Miller is a local poet whose work has been published in Colorado Review, Mojave River Review and Pittsburgh Poetry Review among others.

She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best New Poets and is a past recipient of a DDOA fellowship. She was a finalist in the Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Contest as well as the Florence C. Coltman Award for Creative Writing.

In 2019, her work will be featured with that of three others in a poetry anthology.

She lives in Wilmington with her husband, son and dog.

Written by Tery Griffin