This workshop will briefly explore the health benefits of humor, what makes us laugh and the different types of humor writing. Then, using illustrations and exercises, it will focus on the elements that are needed for writing humorous articles, such as exaggeration, surprise, relatability and self-deprecating humor. Attendees will be encouraged to write something to make themselves laugh, which is a good start toward making target audiences laugh!


Jean Youkers

Jean Youkers

About the Writer

Jean Youkers is a member of the Wright Touch Writing Group and the Red Dragonfly Haiku Poets and a frequent reader at Open Mics. She loves to write humorous articles, poetry and fiction.

Her work has appeared in the “Beach Days,” Beach Love,” and “Beach Fun” anthologies, “Delaware Beach Life” magazine, “The Cicada’s Cry” micro-zine and local publications.

Her mission in retirement is to promote humor and optimism.

Written by Tery Griffin