How you feed your characters informs your world and adds depth to your stories.

Do you recall a passage from a novel or story where the smallest detail illuminated a character or setting? And have you ever found a jarring inconsistency that pulled you completely out of the narrative?

Drawing on examples from current fiction, you will learn how to build a menu that makes sense for the world you have built for your characters as well as how to avoid cliches and clunkers. 
Bring your laptop or notebook for writing exercise we will complete during the workshop.


Denise Clemons

Denise Clemons

Denise has written “Cape Flavors,” a weekly food column for the home cook in the Cape Gazette since 2005. She offers nutrition workshops, cooking demonstrations and presentations on topics related to food, history and world building.

Her book, A Culinary History of Southern Delaware, was published by Arcadia / The History Press in 2016. Clemons earned an MA in writing from Johns Hopkins University.

FREE, but please RSVP on Eventbrite ( or by calling Kirkwood Library (302-995-7663).

Written by Tery Griffin