Lisa Lutwyche

Lisa Lutwyche

Playwright Lisa Lutwyche explores five elements of creating scripts for the stage. The audience has to sit there and listen, in the dark. What are we offering to them?

We will discuss what it means to write in “real time,” how to create memorable, believable characters, how to “hear” their dialogue, an understanding of how many things we mean by “setting,” and how to create the stakes for true “tension” that will keep audiences on the edges of their seats.

Here is how the class will break down:

  • Understanding “Real Time”:

A stage play can only exist in real time. What does that mean to a playwright?

  • Character:

Who am I? What does each character want?

  • Dialogue:

Dialogue is like eavesdropping. We are giving our characters permission to speak. Make the words count.

  • Setting:

Why this place? Why this time? Setting isn’t just what the stage looks like.

  • Stakes/Tension:

Make the rubber band tighten with every scene. What is the “trouble”?

We will work with prompts to generate some writing on some of these topics.

About the Writer:

Lisa Lutwyche received an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College (Vermont) in 2013. Poet, artist, produced playwright, writer, and actor, she has been anthologized and published across the US and in the UK since the 1990s; Mad Poets Review; Minerva Rising; In the Questions, Poetry By and About Strong Women; the cancer poetry project 2; Sparrow’s Trill; Fiction Vortex; and more. Lisa was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her poetry in 2000 and again in 2015.

Lisa’s full-length book of poetry, A Difficult Animal, was Published by Saddle Road Press in 2016. Her latest one-act play, Juggling Act, was premiered at Old Academy Players in Philadelphia in the summer of 2017.

Lisa is currently an adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Cecil College in Maryland and at Delaware County Community College in West Grove, PA. Her background also includes a BFA in painting and a BA in art history, twenty-two years in architectural design, teaching creative writing at CCArts from 1992-2012 & teaching art and theatre to special needs adults since 2008. Her artwork has been used on the cover of several poetry collections, including Undoing Winter, by Shannon Connor Winward (Finishing Line Press), and Lisa’s own collection, A Difficult Animal.

Some of Lisa’s Work

A Difficult Animal

A Difficult Animal

Written by Tery Griffin